A downloadable game for Windows

Mownt: For Peace is mostly untouched from the IGMC 2017.

The Mownt is a tiny race of bug-like creatures that are destined to face the threats of conquerors and predators. A nameless Mownt has just begun his blossom into adulthood and must face the harsh realities of the world. A strange force finds the struggle of this particular Mownt fascinating and hopes it can help guide the little creature to a life of peace.

The road to peace is long and seemingly impossible. The Mownt will face situations of certain death. Yet, in every significant outcome the Mownt will grow stronger as the long cycle of life reaches back to his story. Perhaps there is light at the end of the road.


- Multiple Endings Endings will come at you like bullets, yet with each ending the Mownt will grow stronger and gain a skill based off the outcome he got.

- All Original Pixel Art

- Original Soundtrack Personally crafted by both the developers!

- Organic Turn Based Battle System Each life will give you more skills to combat the foes with.

Note: I uploaded a 1.1 version of the game that fixed some minor bugs. There may be some small updates in the future when I find time but this should take care of some of the annoying stuff. Let me know if I broke anything on accident!

GenreRole Playing


Mownt IGMC 2017 1.1.exe 28 MB


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I wasn't expecting much but this game sure changed me. I even cried a bit when I finished it. It was truly worth my time. Thank you for creating this!